Monday, 2 November 2015


As part of The NICE Programme Vicky Holbrough and I mentor the early stage artists. One of my mentees is Jess Moore. She's a dab hand at knitting. I'm more of a knotter/knitwit! She has created a New Winter Garden at Navigator North's Dundas House and as part of this ran a workshop to encourage folks like me to pick up the needles and knit. Good work Jess! I made a small scarf for a hamster, but believe me this is progress!

 Jess Moore, The New Winter Garden Knitting Workshop, Dundas House 2015

Skills have indeed been exchanged. As part of our Open Studios 2015 Jess showcased her digital collage works which she developed at Greenfield Arts, with yours truly.

Digital Collage, Jess Moore. Greenfield Arts September 2015